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High Laser Ablation Tomography (LATscan™) is a new technology that enables higher speed, resolution, and quality than any other state-of-the-art tomography technology. Super high-resolution three-dimensional data can be rapidly acquired to create full-color digital models that can be segmented, quantified, and analyzed. Compositional information can be collected to robustly map the internal and external structure with unprecedented precision. The model data can be used to perform physics simulations, allowing researchers to gain deeper insights into the fundamental mechanisms at play in their specimens.


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Novel Implementations of Laser Ablation Technology

In this current study, it describes a novel process for assessing grain quality and internal insect development in grain using laser ablation tomography (LATscan) and compare it to soft X-ray imaging.


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"LATscan images not only provide the opportunity to reveal anatomical features of fresh (unprocessed) plant material, but also allows to create post-processed 3D renderings of plant organs for a better understanding of hidden details." 

    Marc Goebel,
    Cornell University


“The data we collected with LATscan exceeded our expectations and yielded higher quality than achievable by any other means, yielding deeper insight into the mechanisms and structure of our novel carbon-based materials”

    Nestor Perea,


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TOMOGRAPHY: Laser ablation tomography speeds sample analysis

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L4iS uses Avizo Software to Analyze 3D Images from Laser Ablation Tomography

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Laser company delivers incredible inside views of virtually anything

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Laser Technique Enables 3D Analysis and Natural Color Images

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State College’s L4IS develops cutting-edge laser technology


A novel way to look at the world.

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